It often seems like a daunting task for entrepreneurs to understand and put in place the right content strategy. Understanding that the world is moving towards attention and the only way to grab it is through providing huge value, is necessary.

Even if you don’t have a website or a product, still having the right community is enough to build any business or even a startup from scratch. I have been struggling with it myself for a very long time, finally gaining the courage to go ahead seems like the only solution.

I have laid down a simple content strategy system for myself & of course anyone who wants to make use of it, with a bonus content type at the end of this post. After years of research & consuming, gazillion amounts of information here is my take on content marketing & strategy.


My Plug & Play Killer Content Strategy 1

Finding my Brand Voice

I started by using this amazing tool called “The Portent Tone of Voice Generator” after answering a few questions, I figured out the final voice I wanted to carry throughout my journey to personal branding. Here are the results:

Overall Brand Voice: Humorous

I am the topical comedian, focused on my subject matter while still light-hearted and accessible. Seeking to build a friendly, personal and intimate relationship with my audience. After all, comedy doesn’t work without someone being vulnerable.

Example: Email newsletter opening line

“Who knows what you can do to woo new customers? We do! This month’s tip will romance their pants off.”

The four factors of my choice:

My Plug & Play Killer Content Strategy 2


A little humor can go a long way towards making your message accessible and relatable. Don’t be afraid to poke fun at your brand or topic. Getting people to laugh along with you helps them develop positive associations with you.


Focus on developing a fun and intimate relationship with your audience. Use colloquialisms and contractions liberally to make your content conversational and accessible.


Demonstrate that you admire and respect your subject matter and audience. Treat both with an appropriate level of dignity and deference. Strive for tactful, neutral messaging that avoids strong language.


Let your zeal for your subject matter show openly. Don’t shy away from taking a personal point of view and convincing others to share it.

Let’s Begin Creating:

Now, since I have my voice figured out, it is time to put it into action. I believe that repurposed content serves a ton of value. Simply because just one piece can help me reach out to a lot of my potential audience over a few major platforms. 

It’s pretty simple, all I have to do is first create a pillar content. Now pillar content is the foundational content for all my repurposed micro-content. It’s like planting a tree and then distributing the fruits to all other platforms.

There are 4 major types of pillar content Written, Image, Audio & Video. These get distributed evenly on platforms that specifically cater to such types of consumption.

Below I am listing out the various platforms & pieces of content, that I want to create for each, along with the scheduled number of posts, that I think will be a perfect recipe to gain the right amount of reach & attention. 

1. Written Content

My Plug & Play Killer Content Strategy 3

Website Blog Pillar ( weekly )

The website blog is where I start putting down all my thoughts, this piece of content is at least 3000 to 5000 words long since it is all in written format, it helps me articulate & gets clarity about the topic. 

Additionally, it also helps search engines like Google understand what my website is all about enhancing my SEO, as a result.

LinkedIn Articles ( bi-weekly )

LinkedIn is the next Facebook for professionals worldwide. Since this platform is owned by Microsoft, it is in direct competition to Facebook for growing its audience. 

LinkedIn is the best platform for professionals as the organic reach is huge. The only thing to keep in mind is to make sure that the content is professional & helps others grow their business.

Quora Answers ( alternate days )

Quora is also a great platform when it comes to sharing high-quality content, the best part about Quora is the fact that people come here to get answers to questions. It is very easy to portray yourself as an expert in any kind of field.

The organic which is amazing sometimes spanning up to 50000+ views over single 500-word answers. Since it is so easy to use I am planning to post one answer every alternate day.

Reddit ( tri-weekly )

Reddit is mainly a forum platform, with members sharing regular content within each group or forum. It’s very helpful to increase search engine rankings, get organic views & drive traffic to your blog regularly.

2. Image Content

My Plug & Play Killer Content Strategy 4

Instagram Carousels ( tri-weekly )

Instagram is an amazingly populated image & video sharing platform, the downside is mostly that one needs to provide great value and even greater visuals. The upside, well a huge number of users. 

A lot of Instagram users focus on carousel type post, these are great to provide the same written information, but in a clear & concise way. Using eye-grabbing images & vectors helps to gain attention.

LinkedIn Document/Carousels ( tri-weekly )

Don’t fall asleep on this one folk. LinkedIn has crazy organic reach with a highly coveted audience. Trying to beat its competitor Instagram, LinkedIn makes sure that when someone posts document type carousels, they reach 10x organic views.

Facebook Images ( tri-weekly )

Well, Facebook is not so great to reach a new potential audience, unless of course, you are paying to run ads. Although it helps in building trust amongst existing members.

Twitter Images ( daily )

Twitter caters to an audience who loves conversations. I would like to use twitter to explore new ideas & start new conversations. Being active daily helps in building rapport and connections on this platform.

Pinterest Pins ( tri-weekly )

Pinterest is the go-to search engine for everything images. It is mainly targetted at users trying to find inspiration through images, infographics & other types of graphical posts. The organic reach on this platform is huge when you post the right kind of content, with the right kind of keywords.

3. Video Content

My Plug & Play Killer Content Strategy 5

Youtube Pillar ( every 10 days )

Who doesn’t know about youtube? Of course, everyone does. Youtube will be my host for video content. Using it to create long-form video pillars will be an amazing use of the platform.

It is mainly focused on either entertaining, educating or a mix of both. The frequency of posts on this platform, to begin with, will be once in 10 days because the time required to produce video content is slightly higher than other styles.

IGTV Pillar ( weekly )

Re-purposing content from the youtube piece seems like the way to go for this channel. IGTV allows for long-form content. But not as long as youtube, hence the frequency of content to be posted on this platform can be higher. 

I will trim content from youtube into smaller chunks for use here, linking it back to my main youtube if followers would like to get more insights. 

Instagram Story ( twice daily )

Instagram stories are the most under-rated channel as of 2020, stories have a huge potential & help the audience get insights into the personality of their heroes. 

Posting daily stories help build memorability along with relatability very easily if done using a consistent tone of voice/brand.

Tiktok ( alternate days )

Tiktok is a huge channel for fun & entertaining videos. This channel focuses on young audience members. The key to creating engaging content on this platform is to keep your videos fun & entertaining with the right amount of information.

Snapchat ( daily )

Similar to Instagram Stories, Snapchat is like a mixture of TikTok & Instagram. The audience here really likes to maintain privacy. With all the kinds of options & features that the platform provides, it is a huge hit within young generations. 

4. Audio/Voice Content

My Plug & Play Killer Content Strategy 6

Anchor Podcast ( weekly )

Audio podcasts are a huge untapped market, the rate of growth of audio year on year is worth more than $500m & is growing exponentially. If used correctly, podcasts can help anyone scale their business 10x within a single year. 

I will be creating 20 to 40 minute long podcasts weekly and sharing it through Anchor to all leading podcast platforms like Spotify, Apple Itunes, Soundcloud, Mixer, Stitcher, etc.

5. GIF & Products (Bonus)

My Plug & Play Killer Content Strategy 7

Producthunt ( Alternate Months )

Producthunt is a relatively new platform, although it came into existence in the year 2013, it started trending amongst users by late 2017-18. The site includes a comment & a voting system similar to Hacker News or Reddit, allowing users to upload & get votes on products that they make. The cool part is though, brands can start creating ebooks, software & courses to bank on this platform heavily. 

GIPHY ( Bi-Weekly )

Share short looping videos with no sound as GIF’s great to create an insane outreach amongst users of all age groups. It helps in eliciting emotions more creatively. Also, the platform is great to attract a huge number of eyeballs if done appropriately.

Parting thoughts

My Plug & Play Killer Content Strategy 8


Even though it seems like the perfect plan for my current requirement, I am sure there will be changes depending upon the kind of response I get. You need to understand that my target audience is scattered all over the internet.

Every person may have a different use case and a different strategy that needs to be followed. You can use this blog post as a reference point to understand the purpose behind each platform, the kind of target audience that exists on them, and the right amount of content needed to make an impact.

Just make sure that in the end, it is not about quantity but quality. Also do not forget consistency is the key to achieving great feats.

And last but not least, every master was once a beginner.